Mental issues

Just woken up frm a crazy nite n checks 2my calls register confirm my worst fears ‘drunk’ calls! Nxt time i get a spontaneous plot i cut my sim card in half…its cheaper dealin wit dat outcome.
Nwy as i ponder my nxt move cz wot is done is done, n ow 2clean up d mess i bask in th memory of th poor girl whose mind i pickd till sh had 2cut short her shift to go cry, mope or whatever.
I’m always curious bout clients who insist on takin th biz talk 2clubs n orders a milli drinks n refuses for u 2take any form of food cz u jst get shit faced 2quickly. Why do this?
So now, th morning after my ulcer fuckn hurts lk hell n i gotta question whether it was worth th deal we nailed. Yeah i’m turning off my phone today cz thea aint no fuckn way i’m doin that again, esp today, no!
Anyway apart from breakin my number1 rule for drinkin, which is 2neva do it cz sbdy is pressurin me to do it, i also did it on an empty stomach, made calls n txts i rily don wana think bout right now, n neva took anythng to dampen th effects.