Of reasons for writing and what to reveal

That’s why my breath is felt by the deaf and why my words are heard and confined to the ears of the blind. I, too, dream in color, and in rhyme, so I guess I’m one of a kind in a full house, cuz whenever I open my heart, my soul, or my mouth, a touch of God reigns out

Was going through the blog and noticed the posts are rare and far in between. I do a personal post about once every 3months but that doesn’t seem enough, the blog has not been getting the love and attention it deserves. Guess it’s because it’s hard to find the time, what with all the work.
Coding is a hard mistress to tame or please and she insists on getting all your attention, especially if she is the one that pays all your bills. But i love her all the same. She helps me escape and keep my sanity in the midst of the disaster that has become my personal life.
As I have mentioned in passing before, the thing about a blog like mine is finding a balance on how much of my personal life I should reveal. How much is too much? For example, many of my co-workers, some of whom are my friends, know about who owns this blog, so I may write something and the next day they may go ‘damn dude, we didn’t know you went through that’ or “dude, you sounded hurt”. So the loss in total anonymity adds more limits/restraints on the how much is too much to reveal issue. Personally I don’t really have qualms about revealing details of my life, but I have to respect the privacy of the people I write about whether we’re on good terms or bad, plus I hate discussing something I’ve written. The reason I wrote about it and not talk is because I don’t want to talk about it. Revealing names is a no-no, unless I’m talking about public figures, and I always make sure to avoid unnecessary extra information that doesn’t really lend weight to the topic at hand; social media etiquette so to speak.
To say the truth, writing and swimming are the only truly complete doors to my soul. There are things you will read on my blog that i would never reveal in person, no matter how emotional or drunk; I’m stunted like that when it comes to interpersonal relationships with other human beings. And I’ll hate you if you insist on trying to get it out of me! That is why given the choice, I would desperately cling to the veil of anonymity offered online. There is the option to write and not publish, therefore stay completely invisible, but then again, what is the use of writing if you can’t share it with the world? Through it we can strike a chord and see eye to eye better since I’m letting you more into my life through a couple minutes of reading, what would have taken us years through normal interaction. Maybe by chance I hit on a topic that applies to you so well, you realize you’re not completely alone in this cold unwelcoming world. That makes writing, and in extension blogging, worthwhile.
One of the more common setbacks I face would be finding a topic to write about. I write for pleasure, and for other reasons I’ve already presented. Unlike career bloggers, who earn from their writing, hence have to take advantage of search engine optimization, and jump on every topic currently trending to make hits, I write because above all I love it. I don’t have to meet a monthly/daily quota and really don’t give a shit about how my blog is indexed on google, or the number of ad impressions it makes (btw i think that part is broken, haven’t made a dime in ages). But I still have to make sure the grammar is proper, the typos stay to a minimum, except where i choose to use slang, curse only when necessary and try to keep the English as basic as possible. I’m beyond trying to impress anybody with vocabulary. I got a ton i could throw at readers but really it would just give the blog a pretentious feel to it.
So readers, i have let you a little bit more into the mind of the author, now you know why he writes.
Shallom my friends.